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We have acquired professionalism, but we were born with passion.

Dt. Ft Anna Ghiglione owner of Physiotherapy
Dr. Ft. Anna Ghiglione - Owner

Anna Ghiglione

Fisioterapista Libero Professionista dal 1993, ha creato e coordina il team di fisioterapisti e specialisti “Fisioterapia” di Santa Margherita Ligure, Genova. Si mantiene aggiornata seguendo corsi e Master di rilevanza internazionale, partecipando a meeting e convegni. Segue Atleti e Agonisti professionisti dello Sport (Pallanuotisti, Golfisti, Tennisti, Velisti, Maratoneti, Surfisti…), dalla Riabilitazione alla preparazione Atletica Post-Trauma.

  • 2011 First level university master in rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders - University of Genoa
  • 2011 IFOMPT International title of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapist
  • Specialisation in Manual / Manipulative Therapy IFOMPT - Savona University Campus
  • 2009 Master in Manual Therapy in Perth (Australia)
  • 1993 Diploma of Rehabilitation Therapist specialising in kinesiotherapy 25/30 at the school directed for special purposes of the University of Genoa
  • 1992 Qualification to teach physical education in secondary schools and art schools class xxxv
  • 1991 Qualification to teach physical education in secondary schools class xxxv1
  • 1988 ISEF university diploma 110/110 with honours
  • 1984 Teacher training diploma 51/60
  • 2021 Course Hip pain: main responsible pathologies, from diagnosis to treatment - Medical Knowledge
  • 2020 Public health significance of booster vaccinations - Axenso
  • 2020 Health emergency from the new Corona Virus SARS CoV-2: preparedness and response - Istituto Superiore di Sanità
  • 2020 A.B.C.D.E. Project Attention, Burnout, Compassionate Fatigue, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Beyond - Format
  • 2016 Spinal Manipulation techniques - Phisiovit
  • 2016 Grastone Technique 1 and 2 Advanced course - Soft tissue mobilisation method
  • 2015 Basic hypnosis course for healthcare professionals 
  • 2014 Course From shoulder surgery to rehabilitation - Anna Rita Bonamici
  • 2013 Course Treatment of traumas of the wrist - Dr. Giulio Rossi
  • 2012 Course Orthopaedics in live surgery
  • 2011 Course on Treatment of cervical disorders - Deborah Falla
  • 2011 Course canalicular neuropathies of the upper limb
  • 2011 Redcord Medical Neurac 1 course - Fabrizio Lazzari
  • 2010 KinesioTaping course - Dario Villa
  • 2009 Manual Concepts Education for Health Professionals Toby Hall and Kim Robinson - Perth Australia
  • 2008 Extremity and Spinal Introduction to manipulation - high speed thrust manipulation of spine and limbs. Ola Grimsby
  • 2007 /08 Kaltenborn-Evjenth concept all levels - Jochen Schomacher
  • 2007 Shoulder Course Level 1 - Lym Watson
  • 2007 Clinical Pilates for rehabilitation purposes - Shari Rosenberg
  • 2007 Whiplash course Updates - FisioDynacom
  • 2006 Course on Mobilisation of the nervous system - FisioDynacom
  • 2006 Mobilisation of the Nervous System - Irene Wicki
  • 2006 Arthroplasty and rehabilitation: refresher course in hip pathology
  • 2006 Arthroplasty and rehabilitation: refresher course in shoulder and knee pathology
  • 2005 Physiotherapy in Dentistry Cranio Cervico Mandibular Physiopathology and Orofacial Pain -Mariano Rocabado
  • 2004 NOI course Mobilisation of the nervous system - Irene Wickd Fisiodynacom
  • 2004 Clinical Reasoning the Cervical Spine evaluation and treatment Mark Johnes
  • 2004 Clinical Reasoning Impingement and Shoulder Instability - Mark Johnes
  • 2003 Electrostimulation training course
  • 2003 Mezieres Course Basic Intermediate and Advanced Module Mauro Lastrico
  • 2002 Course on Traumatic and Degenerative Shoulder Pathology susceptible to prosthetic treatment
  • 2000 Compression bandaging course
  • 1998 National Postgraduate Course in Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax
  • 1996 Maitland Joy Sachak, Zena Schofield Integrated Manual Therapy Course
  • 1996 Diagnostic imaging 1st course for physiotherapists
  • 1994/95 National Postgraduate Course Mc Kenzie Paula Van Wijme, Alan Mugglestone , Mark Laslett , Sara Luetchford (A-B-C-D)
  • 1994 Pain course mechanical evaluation IST Genoa
  • 1994 VI° theoretical and practical course on functional adhesive bandaging USL 3 Hospital of Genoa Voltri
  • 1993 5th theoretical and practical course on functional adhesive bandaging USL 3 Hospital of Genoa Voltri
  • 1990 Abdominal Kinesiology Course
  • 1989 Back School Course
  • 1988 Regional Course for Operators of Third Age Motor Activities.

Get to know our team

The Physiotherapy studio consists of a team of highly qualified physiotherapists with a variety of specialities, working under the constant supervision of Dt. Ft. Anna Ghiglione. 

Ft. Manuel Chiappara

Dr. Ft. Manuel Chiappara

Ft. Chiara Ganzarolli

Dr. Ft. Chiara Ganzarolli

Ft. Federico Merliak

Dr. Ft. Federico Merliak

Collaborations of Fisioterapia Ghiglione

Working together for health and recovery

Anna Ghiglione's Physiotherapy works in active collaboration with a variety of professionals to achieve the patient's personal well-being.