Rehabilitation gymnastics

Therapeutic gymnastics for good functional recovery

Ghiglione Physiotherapy offers individual training for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and post-operative rehabilitation. Thanks to therapeutic gymnastics, our specialised instructor strengthens the muscles and educates on correct posture and how to maintain it over time.

Post-injury rehabilitation

A functional recovery programme carried out indoors and outdoors with a multidisciplinary approach, thanks to which the person can recover complete autonomy following the traumatic event.

post-operative reathletisation
Postural gymnastics with Enrico Paganini

Postural gymnastics

enables full body awareness to be developed, optimising posture and preventing pain as a result of poorly functioning postures over time.

Athletic preparation specific to the performance model of sport

Indoor and outdoor training is planned, taking into account the specifics of the sport practised and the stage of the year in which it is proposed, in order to improve performance in training and on the field during competition.

athletic preparation
Body recomposition with Enrico Paganini

Body Recomposition

body composition refers to the amount of fat tissue and lean mass (muscle, bone and water) in the body. Through a specific strategy involving a highly synergistic relationship between training and nutrition, it is possible to promote weight loss, gaining muscle mass for optimal health.