Personal Trainer

Relieve tension, pain and fatigue

The Personal Trainer is the professional figure in charge of individualised exercise management for those approaching or practising physical activity to improve their state of health or fitness. All exercises are performed by linking body and mind, combining them with correct breathing and awareness of one's own body, thus obtaining multiple benefits, starting with mental, physical and, last but not least, metabolic ones.

Athletic Preparation

Athletic Preparation, programmes the body for the correct use of overloads applied to practical sport. At the end of a series of Assessments and Tests, a specific strength training programme will be created. 

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Personal Training

Construction of a unique and customised pathway, evolving over time, functional to the global demands of the client. The goal is to improve the client's psycho-physical state of health through 'movement'. All interventions are based on the operational guides of the National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Personal Trainer - NSCA.

Post-Injury Reathletisation

At the end of the physiotherapy course, together with the patient we will create a very specific and well-targeted athletic recovery pathway, to get back to work, sport and fitness in a short time.

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